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We worked closely with The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest environmental non-profit, to name, concept, and design a climate action campaign that encourages people to make incremental changes in their daily lives. The campaign’s name “Every1” refers to the need for everyone to come to together to make meaningful change. The campaign messaging is composed of simple math equations that show the massive impact that would be made if everyone in Washington State made a small change in their lives. The campaign launched in Washington State through broad media placements including billboards, radio ads, commercials, a social media campaign.


The Nature Conservancy is the world’s leading conservation organization working to protect our environment. Their vast network spans 69 countries and over one million members. Since their inception in 1951 the conservancy has saved over 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers.

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Environmental Non-Profit


Conceptualize and design a campaign that encouraged people to make incremental changes in their daily lives and positioned The Nature Conservancy as a leader in climate action.


The Nature Conservancy




Seattle, WA


During our collaboration with The Nature Conservancy we worked closely with their Washington state team and the National headquarters, outside PR firm Merlino Media, and research firm Topos Partnership. In creating the concept for Every1 we were greatly inspired by the belief that, when speaking about climate change, “Inaction is an action,” a statement expressed by George Marshall in his book “Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change.” Apathy and feelings of helplessness present a major threat to convincing the public to take action on climate, while a similar threat is posed by those, particularly in the Pacific Northwest region, that believe they are already doing all they can. “Every1” combats these mental roadblocks by illustrating the massive impact that could be made if everyone in Washington state made small changes in their lives. In addition to presenting personal challenges people can undertake, the campaign also promotes the climate initiatives being undertaken by The Nature Conservancy on a global scale to position The Nature Conservancy as a leader in climate action.


Climate Communication Best Practices, Personal Motivation Research, Regional Climate Trends


Every1 is a statewide campaign in Washington reaching 7.5 million residents.


“Given how easy these changes are to make in daily life, and permanently, we can compound the positive impacts if we all do it and pool our efforts. That’s what’s so exciting about the challenge. It’s a way to pay it forward without much effort,”
– Lauren Newhouse, Seattle Times


Concept, Naming, Positioning, Messaging, Identity Design, Style Guide, Print Collateral, UX Design, Interface Design, Web Development, Outdoor Advertising, Print Advertising, Radio Advertising, Promotional Video Development, Art Direction

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HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, WordPress, Facebook API

#Every1 is responsible for climate action, and every action builds to big impact. Start with these simple changes for a healthier climate.

Scrolling through the campaign site.


The four challenges presented to users in the state of Washington.


Print advertisement appearing in The Seattle Times.


Scrolling through the Shorter Shower challenge, prompts users to commit to the 30-day challenge and learn more about the issue.


A bus advertisement appearing on Seattle transit.


Television ad created for Every1.


Campaign tote bag created for public events.


Campaign advertisement at Seattle Tacoma International Airport.


Digital advertisement appearing on seattletimes.com.


A suite of social media templates were created for The Nature Conservancy to utilize across social channels.

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