Hotel Sorrento

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The Hotel Sorrento first opened its doors in 1909. We rebranded this Seattle landmark to mirror its timeless features and to live up to its role as a cultural hub in the Seattle literary community.


The Hotel Sorrento opened at the tail–end of art nouveau and just before the Alaska–Yukon–Pacific Exposition, a world’s fair held in Seattle to highlight the development of the Northwest. In the last century the hotel has seen many changes, but it has always remained a cultural hub and held strong ties to Seattle’s literary community.

Organization Type

Hotel, Hospitality, Historic Landmark


Design an identity that plays homage to the grand history of the Sorrento, and create a website that is easy to use for booking stays and viewing events.


Hotel Sorrento


2015 — Ongoing


Seattle, WA USA


In creating the identity and branding for the hotel, we wanted to enliven the spirit of this Seattle landmark and drive home its uniqueness with a fitting-mascot. For inspiration we studied vintage publishing house colophons and matched a shade of green drawn from a vintage book cover. The Sorrento attracts the movers and shakers from the arts community, patrons who dress to be seen and speak to be heard — evoking the spirit of a peacock. We were also inspired by the mythology of the peacock — its tail holding the many eyes of the cosmos and acting as a symbol of immortality — which pays homage to the hotel’s impressive longevity.

In creating the website we envisioned a seamless mobile–first experience that allowed patrons to easily and quickly reserve a room, navigate their way through the Sorrento’s event offerings and introduce them to the hotel’s incredible story. We reorganized and restructured the web content to ultimately create a simple and clean user experience.


Vintage publishing colophons, Mythology, Art Nouveau, Aubrey Beardsley


  • The Hotel Sorrento identity won the 2016 International HOW Logo Design Awards


Art Direction, Identity Manual, Print Collateral System, Digital Collateral System, Environmental Graphic System, Promotional Print Materials, Strategy, User Experience Design, User Interface Design and Development, CMS Development, Responsive Design

Technical Specs

HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, WordPress

A mascot was created to express the rich history and eccentricities of this Seattle landmark.

An assortment of lapel pins, nightstand notepads, business cards and bi–fold welcome cards that greet guests when they enter their rooms.


Branded umbrellas are provided for guests.


The homepage of the site allows patrons to easily and quickly reserve a room whether on desktop or mobile.


Each series of guestrooms are uniquely curated and decorated by interior decorators and designers from the region.


When viewed on mobile, information that is most relevant to a user on the go — the hotel’s address, contact information and room reservation system — is presented front and center.


The peacock mascot we concepted and designed is found throughout the hotel. Photo credit: Elisa & Vanessa of @twosunnyinla on Instagram.


Beyond being a hotel, the Sorrento is a unique destination for literary and design events. On any given day they could be hosting a silent reading night, a forum, or a jazz performance.


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