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End-of-life wishes are some of the most taboo and difficult topics to discuss with loved ones. To create awareness and encourage compassionate conversations in the most natural setting for difficult discussions — the dinner table — we worked closely with teams of advisors and experts to create the online platform Death Over Dinner.


How we want to die represents the most important and costly conversation America isn’t having. To date, 75% of Americans say they would prefer to die at home, and yet only 25% do. Death over Dinner, also known as Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death, was created to change these statistics by fostering proactive and uplifting conversations about end–of–life decisions.

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Social Movement, Public Health


Use design to get people talking about taboo subjects with compassion


To reach the broadest audience the Death Over Dinner platform needed to be free of religious or spiritual affiliation. Overall, the design and content found on the site needed to be universal and welcoming.


Death Over Dinner


2013 — 2017


Seattle, WA USA


We teamed up with founder Michael Hebb and health and wellness experts to concept and crowdfund a platform that would encourage conversations about end–of–life care. The end result was an accessible and interactive 5–step guide that helps you plan, host and moderate the conversations with a variety of unbiased text, audio and video resources around the dinner table.

In building Death Over Dinner we decided we wanted  to lend the invitation a human touch so we made the project’s identity handwritten and used custom type and illustrations. The yellow in the identity represents the sun setting on the horizon. In developing the design we constructed a colorful tableau, which is the opening image when you first come to the website. To create this tableau we collected a variety of mismatched table settings, bringing to mind items family members might pass down through the generations.


End–of–Life Care


  • Since Death Over Dinner’s launch in 2013, over 100,000 people in 30 countries have come together to share their thoughts about death with family and friends.
  • Death Over Dinner has been launched and localized in Australia.
  • In December 2016, Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death became an official partner with Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global platform.


Art Direction, Identity Manual, Print Collateral System, Digital Collateral System, Environmental Graphic System, Promotional Print Materials, Strategy, User Experience Design, User Interface Design and Development, CMS Development, Responsive Design

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HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, WordPress

How we want to die represents an important and costly conversation that most of us are not having. Death Over Dinner is an online guide to help plan, host and moderate this conversation. To date, over 100,000 people in 30 different countries have used this platform.

The interactive 5–step guide that helps you plan, host and moderate a conversation around end-of-life care with loved ones.


Step 2 asks you to set your intention for the dinner or to mark what is prompting the need for the conversation at this moment.


Bifold name cards for table settings.


Images from one of the very first dinners moderated using the Death Over Dinner platform. Photos by Scott Macklin.


Our collaborator on the project, Michael Hebb, was asked to deliver a TEDMED to discuss the merits of Death Over Dinner. The website is now included in the American Journal of Medicine.

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