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Renegade Craft is the world’s largest curated showcase of independent craft and design. The annual series of events strives to create a vibrant and lively marketplace that reflects and illuminates the work of today’s modern makers, creating a showcase for emerging and established designers alike, focusing on the highest quality goods and the freshest voices. Equal parts entrepreneurial incubator and community gathering space, it all culminates in a celebration of contemporary craft and design culture. Renegade Fairs feature hundreds of makers from around the world, interactive elements, inspired locales, artisanal food and libations, great music, and good times.

Founded in Chicago in 2003, Renegade was the first event of its kind. Expanding gradually, city-by-city, it has evolved into the widespread and influential presence it is today, continuously championing the global independent craft movement. Renegade is the farthest reaching craft showcase in the world and attracts 300,000 attendees annually across multiple events in 12 major cities in the U.S. and U.K.


The Renegade Craft Fair began in 2003 in Chicago’s Wicker Park as a venue for emerging and indie craft talents to showcase their work in a public setting. Following their success in Chicago, they quickly expanded and today include fairs in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Detroit, Boston, and London.

Organization Type

International Craft Fair


Build a new identity system and website


Renegade Craft


2017 — Present


Chicago, IL


Since their inception, Renegade Craft Fair has evolved from a Chicago fair showcasing work from emerging and indie craft talents, to an international craft fair that offers not only a platform for artists, designers, food and drink purveyors but also space for collaborations, installations, and on-going partnerships.

We evolved their original delicate hand-drawn identity into a totally new mark and identity system that would serve their growing audience and need for flexibility across all platforms–experiential, digital, or print.

In building the identity, we researched makers marks, the craft world, and the nature of the renegade. The flags and posters created by the Atelier Populaire during the May 1968 protests in Paris served as inspiration in creating the flag identity. At its core, Renegade Craft Fair unifies communities and serves as a platform for supporting the creative community while betraying the notion of traditional retail channels.


Black Mountain College, Nautical Flags, Social Movements


When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic caused the immediate shut-down of all events we worked quickly to launch a system for virtual fairs. The fairs provide a dynamic roster and series of Artist Portals that allow the user to see what the vendors are up to – catch a workshop, chat with artists, donate to a cause, or buy a gift. Users explore the roster by using a series of filters and looking for the blinking live Portal buttons.


Art Direction, Identity Manual, Print Collateral System, Digital Collateral System, Environmental Graphic System, Promotional Print Materials, User Experience Design, User Interface Design and Development, CMS Development, Responsive Design

Technical Specs

HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, WordPress

Renegade is the farthest reaching craft showcase in the world and attracts 300,000 attendees annually across multiple events in 12 major cities across the U.S. and Europe.

Scrolling through the homepage for the new The new identity system is expressed throughout the site in type, color, layout, and form, and homepage provides an overview of Renegade Craft’s mission, vibe and story.


Business cards emblazoned with the new Renegade Craft identity design system on pale pink and green.


Digital assets promote upcoming Renegade Craft Fair cities.


A promotional booklet to announce dates for Renegade Craft’s schedule.


Environmental graphics showcase the extended identity design system and create brand cohesion between the digital and physical experiences.


Detailed information is presented in simple and accessible ways promote sponsorship participation opportunities on


A large menu of fair cities off the main menu of provides quick access to fair information for locals and visitors. An overview calendar displays all events for the season with direct links to each fair.


What better way to carry home the hand-crafted treasures you acquired at a fair than with a great looking Renegade Craft tote?


The new Renegade Craft identity system includes variations to be used in digital applications, avatars, and icons.

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