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The JANDS Center

The JANDS Center is a forthcoming mixed-use facility in Seattle, WA, meant to encourage creative synergy. In anticipation of their opening in 2017, Civilization created an identity and interim web presence to match this bold new approach to arts philanthropy.

    The JANDS Center is a forthcoming mixed-use facility meant to encourage creative synergy, representing a bold new approach to arts philanthropy and cultural activity. Including space for arts and cultural organizations and housing, it lays money on the idea that creative synergy is spurred by bringing artists, entrepreneurs, and cultural organizations together under one roof. Tenants so far include The New Foundation Seattle and Seattle Arts & Lecture, as well as a flexible public assembly space.

    The JANDS Center approached us to create the brand identity and interim online presence for this exciting development project.


    Branding, Identity, Graphic Design, UI/UX, Responsive Web Design and Development


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