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Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

The Office of Arts & Culture promotes the value of arts and culture in communities throughout Seattle, Washington. We rebranded their organization as well as created a public art map of 400 public art installations.
    Photo by Jordan Nicholson

    The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture envisions a city driven by creativity that provides the opportunity for everyone to engage in diverse arts and cultural experiences. To help usher in a new era for the organization coinciding with the welcoming of a new director we helped rebrand, rename and reposition the office.

    After working closely with the marketing committee and Board of Directors we first recommended a name change from The Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs to The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. Through surveying the staff we learned that the essence of what their organization does is put their “stamp of approval” on projects in order to make art happen. The simplified mark we created represents this very stamp and the accompanying tagline “Making Art Work” illustrated their role in championing and facilitating the creation of new art. The new mark was paired with a striking blue and red color palette to show the energy and vibrancy of the organization.

    Faced with limited resources, we developed a creative solution for their 2012 annual report by designing 7” cards and repurposing 45RPM record sleeves. Coinciding with the rebrand and annual report, we created a comprehensive Public Art Map to help residents and visitors navigate nearly 400 installations of public art in the city. After the success of the roll-out we followed up with the 2013 annual report and a new three-tiered format illustrating the three arms of the organization.

    The new mark is now seen and fully recognized at festivals, campaigns and arts events throughout the city of Seattle.


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