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Project No. 8

Project No. 8, the New York-based retail arm of design studio Various Projects, showcases work created by designers and artists that falls outside of their primary fields. Taking inspiration from the emerging talent and leading international designers featured in the shops, we built a website and ecommerce site to champion their work.
    Photo By Adrian Gaut

    Project No. 8 has two boutique NYC locations: their men’s store in the Lower East Side, and their re-interpretation of the Hotel Shop at the Ace Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The retail spaces act as outlets for the design studio’s own brand, Various Projects, and a place to showcase works by designers and artists that might be outside of their main occupation.

    Project No. 8 approached us to design and develop a POS integrated Ecommerce experience that would maintain the focused aesthetic of Various Projects’ design principles, and appeal to their sophisticated clientele. The website champions the work of the international art and design community.


    UI/UX, Responsive Web Design and Development, LightSpeed, Social Media Strategy and Marketing

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