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Part art, part craft, part mentorship, part collaboration, part like-minded ethos—Join Design is a collective of curated designer-makers that combine creative forces and energy for various events, pop-ups, and tradeshows. To promote Join’s exhibitions at the Site Unseen Offsite in New York, 3 Rooms in Seattle, and PLUS show in Vancouver, we created dynamic print materials, custom vinyl, branding, totes and digital assets.

    Founded in Seattle in 2008 as a means of giving the local design community a bigger and more united voice, JOIN has since expanded to the Pacific Northwest and beyond to include 50+ independent designers and studios from across the United States.

    At Sight Unseen OFFSITE in New York, JOIN presented the group show REFLECT, showcasing a curated selection of 16 objects from independent designers and studios across the United States. Designers including, Eric Trine, Melanie Abrantes, John Hogan, Fruitsuper and others, debuted one-of-a-kind objects within the theme of REFLECT, each made from a single material. A grid arrangement of column-like pedestals gave each object its sense of place, while the grid as a whole created a dramatic sum of parts. To tie the exhibition space together we created a custom vinyl wall display and a dynamic print piece to promote the objects.

    To promote 3 Rooms, a pop-up show curated by studio e, we created full event branding, including a poster, tote and digital assets.

    In conjunction with Interior Design Showcase–Vancouver in Fall 2016 we created vinyl signage and event branding for PLUS–Tools for Sitting. PLUS is a curation of seating from 10 studios across the United States. Designed to be “more than just a seat,” these stools center around a common theme, size, and material restrictions. This collection of one-of-a-kind seating showcases a wide variety of functionality, scale, and materiality within the given constraints. We created branding, print collateral.


    Branding, Graphic Design, Experiential Design, Print Management

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